Deck Cleaning

deck cleaning independence


Routine deck cleaning in Independence is necessary for the long-term well-being of the deck. After awhile, mold, mildew and dirt collects on your wood deck’s surface as sealant deteriorates. Pressure washing gives your deck a serious clean, while new sealant protects your deck from water damage and typical wear. However, like most residential exterior cleaning, if not done correctly, deck pressure washing can destroy the surface, causing permanent damage.

Pressure cleaning wood surfaces takes special care to avoid damage. When it comes to wood decks some homeowners in Independence just want to professionally clean the surface of the deck while maintaining its painted or stained finish. Other homeowners need the finish completely removed to prepare the wood for new paint or for staining. Independence Pressure Washing can help with either.


A natural wood deck that has become grey due to oxidation can look almost like-new again but wood decks with faded stain will take some more attention. We recommend that you plan to paint or stain your freshly cleaned wood deck quickly after the cleaning.

Pressure cleaning wood decks can be more time consuming because of the extra care required but you can be sure that our technicians will use low pressure and the right detergents to bring back that desired finish.


Here’s how our deck cleaning system works:

  • Our solutions soften grey wood debris so they can be safely rinsed away
  • The solution sticks, soaking in deep to lift out embedded dirt
  • The environmentally friendly, formula kills mold and mildew without hurting your landscaping or bleaching the shine off of your wood


There’s no reason your old wood deck can’t look like new again. After our deck cleaning service, grit and grime will be gone including any discolored gray wood fibers, showcasing shimmering, amazing-looking wood underneath. And deck pressure washing in Independence has more benefits other than aesthetics: by eliminating the mold, mildew and dirt and then re-sealing your wood deck, you will be protecting it from harsh weather and adding years to your wood deck’s life. It is time to start thinking about the future of your deck: give us a call today to get a FREE ESTIMATE for power washing your wood deck.